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A brand with a high level of tailoring

is about to be revitalised
with a second photoshoot

• 1 day photoshoot during October 2019
• Own transport required
• Couture quality dress valued at approx $300+

& a good reference on completion.

(No payment in cash or other return is offered).

Women, Please apply if your measurements fit:
Bust: 88 cm / Waist: 66 cm / Hips: 90cm.

No CV’s, thanks, to apply:

• Send a photo (photo must of been taken in the last month)
• A work reference will be required (can be non photo related).
• Give age bracket and exact measurements & height
• Blonde or Blondish (highlighted) hair preferred

• We are going for a modern Grace Kelly Style - inspired look!



No exp required!

(If you are with an agency, please get permission if needed
to attend under the above / below terms).


By participating, you  (the model) agree to indemnify and hold harmless
 The designer & photographer (and their respective companies,
directors, officers, managers, partners, members, shareholders,
affiliates, agents, attorneys, successors and assigns) from and against any
and all losses, liabilities, deficiencies, costs, damages and expenses
 (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees, charges
 and disbursements) incurred by as a result of any inaccuracy
 in or breach of the representations, warranties or
covenants made by the parties holding the photoshoot herein.

or phone: 021 554 209
We look forward to hearing from you!